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.: Recruit better, evaluate and manage talents

Central Test provides online psychometric assessment specially designed to help HR professionals and companies in their recruitment, employees evaluation and talent management process.

Our psychometric tests enable you to maximize the quality of your selection process, identify and nurture the skills and talents of your workforce - and so help you to build winning teams. Our personality and aptitude tests, are scientifically validated and conform to all the international criteria of the American Psychological Association (APA) and the International Test Commission (ITC), of which Central Test is a member.


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.: Assess personality, motivation and skills

Our range of psychometric tests allow you to evaluate applicants' personality more reliably at the recruitment stage and to manage internal mobility. Such personality tests allow you to recognize candidates' innate aptitudes and identify the basis of their skills - all with reference to a comprehensive selection of jobs and potential careers.

Professional Profile 2: Analyzes personality, motivations and values at work

The Professional Profile 2 is a psychometric assessment that measures 14 personality traits that are directly linked to performance in the workplace, providing an in-depth analysis of an individual's work profile and assessing job compatibility.

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Big Five Profile Personalty Test: Measures the five principal personality traits - for all positions

The Big Five Profile measures 5 fundamental dimensions of personality as set out in the internationally recognized Big Five model of personality. This psychometric test is easily to administer and can be used as a quick assessment tool for various HR purposes.

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Sales Profile-R : Select the best sales force

The Sales Profile-R Test determines whether a candidate or an employee has a natural flair for sales. The test also helps to illustrate a candidate's sales specialization by highlighting their particular strengths. This psychometric test is used for recruitment as well as for training, internal career development, and sales force auditing.

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Logo Test : CTPI-R: Assess work personality and leadership skills

CTPI-R is an assessment tool that allows to assess personality traits, values and skills specific to the exercise of managerial functions or supervision.
This assessment measures 19 personality traits and basic behavioral skills associated with 21-key management.

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Occupational Interest Inventory : A guide to career management

The Occupational Interest Inventory analyzes a candidate's or an employee's motivations and professional aptitudes according to the six dimensions outlined in the RIASEC model and matches their profiles with 80 different categories of employment. This psychometric test is used by career guidance centers, HR professionals and educational institutions.

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