Professional Profile 2

.: Reveal a candidate's work personality and motivations

The Professional Profile 2, the latest revision of our leading personality inventory Professional Profile-R, measures 14 personality traits that are directly linked to performance in the workplace, providing an in-depth analysis of an individual's work profile and assessing job compatibility.

It provides insights into how a person interacts with coworkers, managers, teams and in different work environments.


Central Test - The art of assessment

Recruitment Personality Test

Key features

  • Created and validated using the latest state -of-art technique in the field of psychometrics: the Thurstonian IRT model (largely eliminate the social desirability).
  • A comprehensive and dynamic personality report.
  • A powerful insight into individuals' personality, predispositions and temperament at work.
  • Matches profiles with 58 groups of professions.
  • 20 additional work competencies.

Target groups

Executives, employees, job-seekers, graduates.



Professional Profile 2 analyzes a candidate's intrinsic nature and main professional aspirations. This personality test is useful for recruitment as well as for employees' evaluations and career development.


112 questions
15 minutes


User's guide including the test's psychometric properties and a description of the dimensions measured.

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