Big Five Profile Personality Test

.: Measures the five principal personality traits

The Big Five Profile measures the fundamental dimensions of personality as set out in the internationally recognized Big Five model of personality.
The test is quick to administer (taking just seven minutes) and will highlight any candidate's dominant personality traits. This psychometric test can be used for all job categories and at all levels of ability for both recruitment and internal evaluations.


Central Test - The art of assessment


Key features

Can be taken in 5 to 7 minutes.
Big five personality model.
Monitors social desirability (inclination to present oneself favorably).
Available in English, French, Spanish, German and Dutch.

Target groups

All job categories and levels.



To identify an individual’s foremost personality traits according to the fundamental personality dimensions of the Big Five model. According to this model, the principal personality traits can be summarized under five broad categories, independent from language or cultural influences.


15 sets of 4 statements to be ranked from 1 to  4
 5 to 7 minutes


User's guide including the psychometric test properties and a description of the dimensions measured.

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