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Number of questions: 54 - Duration: 8 to 10 min
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Marketing Aptitude TestUnleash Your Sales Potential

Do you want to pursue a career in sales and marketing ? Do you know where your strengths and weaknesses lie?

This test is designed to evaluate whether you have the traits and skills needed for a successful career in sales and marketing.

The Marketing Aptitude Test:

  • Identifies your key personality traits related to sales
  • Helps you discover where your sales potential lies in four business fields: Marketing, Sales force, Customer relations management, and Technical sales
  • Matches your profile with ten occupational groups within these fields

More information about the Marketing Aptitude Test

This online psychometric assessment gives you a complete analysis of your sales and marketing potential.

Your report includes:

management skills test

  • A personalized analysis based on:
    • Nine personality traits associated with sales: Human relations, Challenge, Adaptability, Persuasiveness, Intuitive decision, Self-control, Availability, Analysis / Evaluation and Anticipation
    • Four behavioral dimensions: Initiative, Social, Strong, Assertive, and Disciplined
    • Four professional dimensions: Sociability, Assertiveness, Composure, and Ability to analyze.
  • An explanation of the factors highlighted in your particular profile
  • A comparison of your profile with ten occupational groups within the fields of sales, distribution, and marketing

The Marketing Aptitude Test was developed and validated by Central Test psychologists on a representative sample of the English-speaking population. Central Test is the leader in personality, ability and career testing with more than 3,500 clients and two million internet users.

What our test taker says ...

Srinivas, 41, Director of Operations
"I found the Marketing aptitude test quite interesting and am sure the results will help me improve on my weak points. I will definitely suggest my friends to try these tests which could be useful for their future endeavours too."