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Welcome, we invite you to take now our free intelligence test.
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You have 5 minutes to answer the following 10 questions. You will get a free estimation of your intelectual quotient and the answers of the free intelligence test. You can use a pencil and paper to take notes.

You know you are intelligent...but how much intelligent? Why not to try it now...

1/ Which square completes this series ?

test 1
IQ test A B
IQ test B
IQ test C D
IQ test D
2/ From these 4 words, pick the odd one out :
A Canberra
B New York
C Vienna
D Madrid

3/ Which number complete the following series :     144 121 100 81 64 ?
A 15
B 19
C 49
D 50

4/ Which is the right card to complete the series ?

test cards
card A B
card B
card C D
card D
5/ HAND is to Glove what HEAD is to:
A Hair
B Hat
C Neck
D Earring

6/ Which is the right domino to complete this series ?
test domino
domino A B
domino B
domino C D
domino D
7/ Drinking and Driving are the cause of many accidents. Equals to:
A People drink too much alcohol.
B People should not drive above the legal limit.
C There are 20 percent probability of causing an accident when we drive drunk.
D Alcohol reduces driving skills.

8/ Complete the series :
test IQ figures
test IQ figure A B
test IQ figure B
test IQ figure C D
test IQ figure D

9/ Which number is the tenth part of a quarter of the fifth part of half 12,000 ?
A 1250
B 250
C 45
D 30

10/ A trader buys coffee for $1200 and sells it for $1500. For each bag of coffee he earns a profit of $50.
How many bags of coffee did he has ?
A 1
B 6
C 30
D we don´t know

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Mapa banderas test de inteligencia gratis USA (English) United Kingdom (English) Français Español Español Deutsch
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